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Now there are two options. Either you call your car insurance company to send for a recovery man and tow away your car, which appears to be a hassle itself as it is time-consuming. Then, the second option is that you may call a Locksmith Indianapolis company like ours so that they may send a locksmith technician at your site and open your car with a duplicate key. Now this option is always better in the sense that it takes less time because our Locksmith indianapolis technician can reach you within half an hour anywhere in the whole Indianapolis. Our Locksmith indianapolis service is not only efficient but also quite affordable. The good thing is that our locksmiths are located in various sites of Indianapolis and offering free estimate (317) 457-8678.

One of our clients in Indianapolis called us to get assistance as his car keys were left inside his car. His car Ford Focus had a flat battery and the customer opted to put jump leads within the car battery to start his automobile. By hard luck, he left his car keys inside the ignition while all the car doors got locked. When he tried to use that jumper lead while the car key was inside the ignition, the increased power caused the door locks to stop functioning. Thus, he could not open his car. So, finally, he called us and our Locksmith indianapolis technician arrived at the place within 30 minutes. He used his special tools and opened his car without causing any damage to the car. In such a situation where a car is left inside a car by mistake, customers are often concerned thinking that opening the car doors may damage their car. Our simple answer to them is that our Locksmith indianapolis technicians are expert enough to open the car doors without causing any damage or even scratch to the vehicle.

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We never break windows or use pushed entry methods because we have a team of highly professional people who take extra care in dealing with such matters. We make special use of lock pick to open the door which is considered a safe by passing way to open a car doors. Some cars can be opened within few minutes while others take more time depending on the type of car. Anyway, whatever the manufacturing car company, our Locksmith indianapolis technicians understand them all very well so that complete satisfaction of a customer can be ensured.

If a car is not deadlocked, our Locksmith indianapolis technicians can open the doors by using a small air pitching wedge to create a slim gap towards the top of car door, which provides enough space to insert any rod to pull the actual handle from the inside but rest assured that this technique is also safe as it does not cause any sort of damage to the car.


Formerly, any car key issue would have to be dealt with by your official dealership. Firstly there’s the question of getting your car to one, and secondly, there’s the enormous cost and the wait of getting your problem solved and any new keys delivered.

Now, we can avoid any of that stress, cost and hassle by providing a full auto locksmith service at the road-side. We can circumvent the cost of new locks by using up-to-date extraction and repair techniques, cut and program new keys and transponders and provide replacement and duplicate keys that can be tested in front of you.

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Here's an outline of our services:

Replacement Keys

Replacing car keys is far simpler than ever before. The difficulty was, that every modern car is fitted with an immobiliser, which is a complex security system preventing your car from being turned on without your specific key being matched to your specific car. Replacing car keys was usually only possible through official dealerships, which are pricey and often take a long time to deal with the issue and send out any replacements from their manufacturers. We can carry out the same service, on the day that you call (317) 457-8678, at your location!

Broken Keys

Breaking keys isn’t easy and fortunately, it doesn’t happen often. If it does though, the consequences can be catastrophic, especially if you’re distanced from a dealership, it’s late at night or you can’t even access your car’s interior. Our locksmiths are on call 24/7, to deal with any broken key issue with your car. We are adept at extracting car keys without damaging your lock or key beyond what is necessary, circumventing the cost for new locks. We can often unjam locks easily and quickly enable you access to your car.

Lost Keys

Losing any key is a hassle, but don’t panic if you do lose your car key or are unfortunate enough to have it stolen. Even if you don’t have a key to cut a replacement from, we can access our existing databases and generate new, unique keys for your car that can be cut and programmed at your location. We can access your car’s immobiliser system in order to edit or delete old keys for lost or stolen keys. This means that anyone who comes into possession of your old key can’t access your car. We can perform these tasks at the roadside and test newly generated and cut keys in front of you. give us a call to assist you in case you lost your key (317) 457-8678

Transponder Programming

Key fobs or transponders are vital gadgets for car security. They’re advanced bits of kit and you need advanced equipment in order to diagnose, edit or repair them. We have the know-how and necessary tools to do so, with the ability to access your vehicle’s computer system to edit your key database. We can diagnose problems with transponders and fix them at the road-side. Dealing with transponders is no longer reserved for dealerships. We provide a quicker, cheaper and better service.

Automotive Locksmith Indianapolis is a company that is very dedicated to giving the best locksmith services throughout Indianapolis. We have a long list of loyal customers due to the high quality of services that we give to all our customers. We have skilled locksmiths who make sure that they do not leave you with a car locksmith problem that has not yet been addressed. In addition to the skills that they have, these people all have clean background that have no criminal records hence you can be sure that they would never do anything that will compromise your security in any way.

We offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services hence you can be sure that you will never come to us and leave disappointed after failing to get the services that you require. On top of that, we make sure that all these services are given with the highest possible level of service delivery so that none of our customers leaves us with any trace of disappointment after receiving sub-standard services. Our services cut across the car locksmith industry from lock repairs to key replacement and repairs hence you need to rest assured that we will have a solution ready for you in no time after you call us (317) 457-8678.

We have mobile car locksmiths who serve the whole of Indianapolis and even some of the surrounding towns hence you need not worry about looking for a tow truck to get you to our garage whenever you have a locksmith problem. The moment you call us with a car locksmith problem, we try as much as possible to ensure that one of our locksmiths is there with you in less than 30 minutes. However, this depends on the place from which you are calling us from. Nonetheless, we have the fastest response rates when compared to all the other locksmith companies in the region hence you can be sure that when you call us you will have someone working on your vehicle within the shortest time possible.

Our services are available for 24 hours every day, 7 days a week. This is to mean that you will not be forced to leave your car by the roadside or in a hotel parking lot to wait for working hours due to a locksmith problem. Not unless you have not heard of Indianapolis Auto Locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths come fully equipped to get you out of your situation irrespective of the magnitude of your problem. If you have been locked out of your car, they will perform a car entry that will leave your car intact without even a single scratch. If need be, they will make for you a key replacement that will provide you with a key that will work just like the original key.